Sound Healing

Sound Healing

“Sound is our essence!” The Upanishads

As we are pure vibration at a molecular level, it makes sense that we are able to heal and align ourselves to health and vitality through sound.

Discovering your voice can be a bridge to integrating your conscious and unconscious. This results in alignment at a very deep level, allowing the feeling body to give voice.

Lynn works intuitively and creatively using the ancient method of toning to help release and unblock stuck emotions and negative thought patterns. Toning allows the feeling body to give voice. It can be understood through material science, physiology,and psychology. Toning begins when we quiet ourselves and go inside to listen to what wants to be expressed through voice.

Using chants, mantras and creative intentions she puts her students in touch with their inner voice restoring a wholeness and integration.

Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, discovered that frozen samples of water treated with healing sounds showed beautiful crystal formations as opposed to untreated water which showed incomplete or no crystals at all.

As we are composed of about 75% water it makes sense that sound waves can restore health and balance to our bodies.

Lynn works with archetypes and myths to access deep unconscious patterns within us that can be expressed through voice work.

One of the most healing sounds is laughter and her delightful and playful sense of humor is used to get you in touch with the joy of your innate being.

Each sound healing session is individual, unique and co-created. Sessions last one hour.

“I took private sound healing sessions with Lynn when I was going through a particularly difficult time. Lynn’s work is innovative, sensitive and very inspirational. It was moving as well as a very powerful healing experience.”

Diana Kubicek
Fine Arts Instructor, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design