From Singing workshops and Vocal coaching

“With Lynn, every lesson is alive and graciously open to whatever human experience is needed to free the voice. With compassion and aware listening, Lynn’s coaching inspires us to sing and celebrate our voices, to be ourselves and to express with honesty and humility. Her teaching can not be learned in books or on the internet, her innate talent comes only in her presence, as an intuitive, compassionate, and wise soul who understands the love of singing and how that love is in us all. Lynn is the real thing. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.”

Steve Rokosh
Composer, Singer, Songwriter

“My sessions with Lynn have been transformative. Her creative approach puts me completely at ease so that I can fully experience my voice – and have fun doing it. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of authentic and powerful self-expression.”

Olga Sheean
Author of “Fit for Love”, Editor, Relationship Coach, Biokiniesiologist


“Lynn is a highly effective teacher, a powerful coach and most profoundly a beautiful human being that generously bringing all her gifts to each session, Lynn created for me a space that was present, challenging, nurturing, authentic, impeccably respectful and safe. With dignity and love, Lynn guided me on a journey to my voice, my true voice, and inspired in me the courage to hear that voice ring out in ways I’d never heard it before.Lynn, thank you. I am forever grateful.”

Dana Pemberton
Musician, Singer, Actor, Producer

“I remember coming to Lynn early in my singing career as a lead vocalist in a rock band. Coming into her warm studio, where everything was set up  comfortably for the singer. It was so nice, and immediately I felt my body relax and my confidence grow. I remember being surprised that the first thing she asked me was what I wanted to sing. Most vocal coaches that I knew take control and just whisk you away into their land of expertise, but Lynn lets you decide how you want to work. That was definitely my favourite part about the lessons, since not many professionals are willing to work on what you want to work on necessarily. I even remember the day some of my bandmates said after practice, “I was listening to you, Martin, and I thought, wow, wait, is that him? It can’t be.”  Today I am a much more confident singer; currently preparing for a musical called “Assassins”.  I am certain that having that time with Lynn was a pivotal step in establishing myself as a singer. Thank you, Lynn! Keep doing what you’re doing!” 

Martin Story-Kapusta
Singer, actor

“Lynn is a master of lowering inhibitions and drawing out natural singing ability. Through her various breathing and visualization techniques, and her constant mantra to ‘be present’ for every note, she has taken my voice to a whole new level. But not only that – I have finally lost my self-consciousness on-stage as a performer! Performing has now become an act of joy for me as opposed to fear and awkwardness. Thank you, Lynn.”

Lisa Martin
Yoga teacher, Singer, Spoken Word Poet

From workshop participants…

“I have been singing all my life and realised I have always held back. At this vocal workshop you gave me wings to fly. I feel so free in my singing.”

“There was so much I enjoyed about this singing workshop, the breath work, the songs and harmonies, movement, chanting and chakras sounding. It really flowed in a structured way. I can’t wait for the next one.”

“I was very shy about my singing. I loved this workshop it made me feel inspired to sing and let out my own personal voice. I felt really empowered and I am going to continue to sing. Thank you!!”

“The workshop had a really supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental atmosphere. I experienced how emotional singing can be and I feel confident to use my voice again.”

“I loved everything about your workshop. The toning felt fantastic! You made it easy for me to get out of my head and not worry about making a mistake. Felt like I could really let loose and just go for it! I felt courageous, excited and happy about singing.”

“I was really nervous to come to this workshop because I thought my voice was weak and out of shape. You gave me a jump start and I feel that my voice is something to celebrate, appreciate and to use every day. Thank you so much.”

“Lynn you are a powerful and  yet gentle teacher. Your workshop had a feeling of trust, love and acceptance. I felt free to express myself. I loved singing with this group. I want to do more.”

“I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. It was super, great! Very emotional too!”