Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching/Singing Lessons

Individual & Executive Coaching for Public Speakers and Singers

“If you can talk, you can sing!”  
~ Zimbabwe proverb 

Conducted in person or on the phone, and lasting one hour, each session is tailored to suit your individual strengths and challenges.

Individual Vocal Coaching /Singing Lessons

“With Lynn, every lesson is alive and graciously open to whatever human experience is needed to free the voice. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.”  
~ Steve Rokosh, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, www.steverokosh.com

Bring a song of your choice that speaks to you personally in whatever genre is your passion. Lynn helps you polish your piece so that you can sing it with ease and confidence.Lynn works intuitively using body and vocal techniques,breathing exercises and sound healing to shift blocks and energy for the natural power of the voice to be released.

By participating in individual coaching, you will:

  • Learn breathing and vocal techniques to enhance singing
  • Practice toning and body awareness exercises
  • Articulate and project your voice and increase its range
  • Learn to use vibrato naturally
  • Tap into your emotional reservoir
  • Effectively use vocal colour and nuance
  • Release physical, emotional blocks that limit full self-expressioin in singing

“My sessions with Lynn have been transformative. Her creative approach puts me completely at ease so that I can fully experience my voice – and have fun doing it. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of authentic and powerful self-expression.”   ~ Olga Sheean, Author,”Fit for Love”, Editor, Relationship Coach, Biokiniesiologist

I am so glad I chose Lynn for my singing vocal coach.She prepared me to audition for Theatre Under the Stars.After our private singing lessons I got a role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Cats at Theatre Under the Stars this summer.She taught me breathing body movement and how to prepare so I could work with nerves. Thank you Lynn!
-Melody Kang 13 yrs.old

Executive Vocal Coaching:

As a business leader, the role of your voice as a tool for communication is critical. Getting your message across in a powerful, confident, and effortless way can bring you enormous dividends. Keeping people’s attention and interest is vital to your success.

Intonation, volume, and rhythm, and knowing how and when to use them, is as important as the content of what you say.

Lynn works with you to analyze your vocal style and to identify strengths and problem areas. She will teach you specific, practical techniques and exercises to develop your voice so that you can realise your full potential as a leader, and influence those who are listening to you.

By participating in executive coaching, you will:

  • Develop skills and vocal flexibility for effective presentations, negotiations, etc
  • Take control of non-verbal messages when you speak
  • Convey your thoughts and emotions with more accuracy
  • Free yourself from vocal anxiety and fear
  • Earn the trust and respect of colleagues by communicating more effectively