Executive Vocal Coaching

Executive Vocal Coaching

for Public speaking 

“Lynn’s coaching transformed my vocal expression and gave me the confidence to share myself” 
~ Vince Gowmon, 

Your voice is one of the most valuable tools to touch, inspire, and move your business career and public speaking to new levels.

Join Lynn McGown in an executive vocal coaching session

In this totally unique executive vocal coaching session you will have the opportunity to explore your voice in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

If you are a public speaker and need skills to improve your communication style

this is the coachng for you.

In participating, you will learn:

  • Vocal warm-ups and breathing techniques
  • Body awareness exercises and energy centres release
  • Projection,Confidence and Power in speaking
  • Tips to take care of your voice and maintain good vocal health.

You will walk away with:

  • New confidence in your vocal expression
  • A stronger impact on others in your communication
  • A more powerful sense of yourself as a  speaker, presenter.

An executive vocal coaching and public speaking session  will give you resources to warm up your voice, and add resonance and energy to your vocal expression before important meetings, speeches or any public speaking presentations.

It  will also teach you ways to overcome and work with nerves and prepare so you can begin to enjoy public  speaking at meetings and conferences, lecture halls.


To sign up and find out more

Email lynnmcgown@shaw.ca