Voice Intensive

Voice Intensive: An All-Day Vocal Workshop, Upcoming Dates To Be Confirmed

Voice Intensive is for singers who want to begin improving themselves as solo singers. Each singer should bring 2 – 3 songs to work on for the day. You will work with 8 other singers in a warm, safe, and very supported space.

We will begin the day with vocal warm-ups, vocalisations, exercises for breath control, and body-mind work, in order to prepare our instrument for singing.

Finally, we will share our songs with each other, receiving supportive feedback while working on strategies to deal with stage fright, and having loads of fun in the process!

There are only 8 places for this workshop so please register soon.

There is no limit to the number of times a person can take this workshop, so

please do join in again. Each time is different, and will help you build on what you’ve already learned!

Upcoming Dates To Be Confirmed

Cost: $125

Location: Open Door music School 3951 West 10th Ave, Vancouver

Registration: call Michael 604 222 2299 or Lynn at 604 222 4113

There are only 8 spaces available.

I look forward to seeing you!


p.s. if the idea of doing this workshop feels scary. Remember F.E.A. R. is False

Evidence Appearing Real.

Feel the fear and do it anyway 😉